LinkedIn advertising policies | LinkedIn ad policy | Linkedin ad Dimensions and sizes

LinkedIn advertising policies | LinkedIn ad policy | Linkedin ad Dimensions and sizes

Feb 23, 2023

LinkedIn advertising policies LinkedIn has several advertising policies that advertisers must adhere to when creating and running ads on the platform. These policies include:

1. Prohibited content:

 LinkedIn prohibits ads that contain illegal or discriminatory content, false or misleading claims, and content that promotes or facilitates harmful behavior.

2. Restricted content: 

 LinkedIn has specific restrictions on the type of content that can be advertised, such as alcohol, gambling, and adult content. These ads must comply with specific guidelines and may require age targeting.

3. Ad targeting:

 Advertisers must follow LinkedIn’s guidelines when targeting ads, including not targeting based on sensitive personal information such as race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

4. Prohibited practices:

 LinkedIn does not allow certain practices such as promoting counterfeit goods or using deceptive tactics to obtain clicks.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations:

 Advertisers must ensure that their ads comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

6. Transparency:

 LinkedIn requires advertisers to provide clear and accurate information in their ads and to disclose their identities clearly.

7. Intellectual property:

 Advertisers must respect the intellectual property rights of others and must not infringe on trademarks or copyrighted material.

It is essential to review LinkedIn’s advertising policies thoroughly before creating and launching any ads on the platform to ensure compliance and avoid account suspension or other penalties.

LinkedIn ad Dimensions and sizes

LinkedIn offers a variety of ad formats with different dimensions for each. Here are the ad formats with their corresponding dimensions:

Sponsored Content:

Image ads: 1200 x 627 pixels

Video ads: 360p to 1080p (depending on aspect ratio)

Carousel ads: 1080 x 1080 pixels (minimum of two cards and maximum of ten)

Sponsored InMail:

Hero image: 1200 x 627 pixels

Body image: 360 x 240 pixels (optional)

Text ads:

Image ads: 100 x 100 pixels (up to 50KB)

Spotlight ads: 200 x 200 pixels (up to 2MB)

Dynamic ads:

Follower ads: 300 x 250 pixels

Spotlight ads: 300 x 250 pixels

It’s important to note that these dimensions are subject to change, so it’s always best to refer to LinkedIn’s ad specifications for the most up-to-date information.

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