5 Types of Products to avoid in Dubai to prevent Hair Damage

5 Types of Products to avoid in Dubai to prevent Hair Damage

Jun 8, 2024

Have you used numerous hair products but still need to be more beneficial?  What products should be avoided in Dubai to prevent hair damage?

Here in this article, you get all the valid points on what to apply to hair or what not. The five types of products below you should avoid in order to get shiny, long, and strong hair and scalp.

For many years, Dubai has been ahead in the race for beauty and glamor. Therefore, they have also introduced top-rated hair products because of the massive need for them, as the land is quite hot, which affects hair. 

5 Types of Products to avoid in Dubai to prevent Hair Damage
5 Types of Products to avoid in Dubai to prevent Hair Damage

Initially, when choosing any hair product, examine the toxic ingredients that are dangerous for your hair’s health or cause unwanted issues. Then, consult with your dermatologist to determine whether the product you are going to use suits your hair.

Your hair is absolutely very important to you. So, care for them using gentle products and protect them from the sun’s rays by applying easy remedies.

Toxic ingredients that damage hair: A comprehensive guide

The list below comprises the ten poisonous ingredients in hair products you should avoid to protect yourself from hair damage issues in Dubai.

·   Sulfates

Sulfates are mineral salts that can ruin the natural moisture and oiling materials in your hair. While cleansing products are indeed used for proper hair washing, sulfates are harsh on hair and scalp.

·   Selenium sulfide

Yes, selenium sulfide is commonly used in hair-washing products. It is especially used to wipe out dandruff and restrict the growth of bacteria and fungi. On the other hand, it causes scalp disorders and also leads to hair dryness, skin irritation, and even hair loss.

·   Coal Tar

Coal, a naturally occurring resource, is efficient in treating dandruff. Many shampoo companies use it widely in their formulas. However, the problem with coal tar is that it is the main component that causes severe issues, such as cancer.

·   Alcohols

Alcohols are added to different hair shampoos and conditioners to make the surface smooth and fast-absorbing. Research proved that alcohol has a drying effect, which, when used on hair, causes scalp and hair dryness, which further damages hair in Dubai.

·   Fragrances

To remove the smell of ingredients used in processing hair shampoos, fragrances are mixed with the solution. Strong-smell fragrances not only deliver allergic reactions but also weaken hair from the roots, resulting in hair fall.

·   Mineral oils

Mineral oils are added to shampoos to make users’ hair shiny and smooth. Mineral oil does smooth hair, but it is only for a short period. Secondly, mineral oils not only leave the hair’s previous result but also dry the hair and scalp.

·   Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is used as a preservative in many industries. Sometimes, they are also used in the shampoo-making process to protect the user from any sunny rays. But the use of formaldehyde on hair causes irritation issues like irritation on your scalp, skin, etc.

Five harmful hair products cause hair damage in Dubai

The research reveals that many hair shampoos have been highlighted as toxic ones for hair growth, etc. Following are the hair products to avoid in Dubai due to their dryness and irritation outcomes.

1.     Pantene

Using Pantene shampoo for a prolonged period led to dryness, irritation, and hair loss. This is because it contains harsh chemicals and also uses sulfide and parabens in its manufacturing procedure.

2.     Head & Shoulders

This shampoo’s dominant task is to remove dandruff, but unfortunately, it makes the scalp dry, causing hair loss and, in some cases, scalp irritation.

3.     Maui Moisture

The primary use of Maui moisture is to straighten hair naturally, but the addition of sulfates and fragrances damages hair. It is reported that continuous use leads to hair loss, temporarily or permanently.

4.     OGX:

A brand named OGX is in less demand now because of the addition of toxic ingredients in its formula. This includes formaldehyde and others such as DMDM, hydantoin, etc., which give outcomes of hair loss, damage to hair follicles, etc.

5.     TRESemme

TRESemme contains sulfates and silicon, which wipe out the hair’s natural oil, causing dryness, breakage, loss, etc. Moreover, it also proves inefficient in providing color protection and has low cleansing properties.


In a modernized world, picking the right one is always complicated. Similarly, when choosing hair products, especially in Dubai, where the temperature isn’t friendlier, one needs attention. For this, firstly, monitor the toxic ingredients that harm your hair growth.

The addition of harsh ingredients to hair product formulas wipes out hair growth and leads to scalp irritation.

Some harmful hair products in Dubai include shampoos such as Pantene and Maui Moisture, as well as some of the ones mentioned above. Take a deep look before applying any product to your hair to prevent hair damage and other scalp issues.


1) How do you choose hair products in Dubai?

Dubai’s temperature is hot and harsh enough for the citizens. Choose the product according to your hair type and, secondly, the directives of a dermatologist or trichologist.

2) Describe the types of hair products to avoid hair damage in Dubai.

Any shampoo can cause issues if you have an allergy. However, the following shampoos, OGX, Pantene, TRESemme, and so on, are considered not to be used because they contain harsh ingredients like sulfates and alcohol. 

3) What toxic substances are dangerous for hair?

Substances, including sulfides, formaldehyde, fragrances, coal tar, etc., not only cause hair loss but also irritation of the scalp, allergic reactions to the skin, etc.

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