How to enable comments on youtube videos

Settings for Allowing Comments on YouTube Videos

Sometimes comments don’t work because the setting is currently off and I saw many comments below YouTube Video. So I’ve decided to write about turning on comments because So I hope after reading this article, you will be able to enable comments on your YouTube Channel Videos.

I’m going to show a little bit more detailed instructions, because of the recent changes on YouTube. This hopefully will help you enable comments on your channels. So let’s start.

Steps to enable comments on youtube videos

→ First of all, of course, we need to go to YouTube and log in to our account

→After we do this, we click on our avatar photo. 

→And then we go to YouTube studio. After we get to YouTube studio, on the left-hand side, we need to find settings and click on them. After we get to settings, we need to go to the channel over here. And then we need to go to Advanced Settings. After we get to advanced settings over here, we’ve got a very important thing. 

Settings for Allowing Comments on YouTube Videos

This is probably why comments don’t work for you. Here we’ve got three options. Yes, said this channel is made for kids. And if we have this option enabled,

    look below look over here, it says that notifications, comments, and stories will be disabled. So if you have this option turned on, that means your comments will be disabled and you cannot enable them by yourself.

Note: So if your channel is made for kids, unfortunately, you have to choose this option, but your comments cannot be enabled. However, if your channel is not made for kids, all you have to do is click here. No said this channel is not made for kids. And this will allow you to enable comments. So after we have this option selected, we click Save.

 After this move back to settings. And now we go to upload defaults. In Upload Defaults, we go to Advanced Settings, scroll down, and over here where we have comments, we can set up settings for all our future uploads.

Permanent enable comments settings:

 I would suggest using the second option, holding potentially inappropriate comments for review. This will hopefully allow you to have comments under your videos and the inappropriate comments will be hauled for your review. So this way, all future videos will have comments enabled. Now we click Save. 

And after we did this on the menu on the left side, we need to go to videos. And now we need to do the same for the videos over here. So if we want to enable comments on all the videos, we click on this square over here to select all the videos on our channel. From that point forward, we click here on alter. What’s more, we want to pick remarks from the rundown here. And after we click comments over here, we should change it to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. Of course, if the comments didn’t work for you before, choose this option if comments work for you, or if you want to test other settings feel free to do that allowing all comments should also work.

 But like I said my suggestion is to set hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. This means Google AI Google filters will try to filter all the spam all the bad words etc. And how those comments for review so that after you check them you can either approve or remove them. Please let me know in the comments if this way worked for you and if changing the channel settings not to mate for kids helped you to enable comments on your channel.

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