Youtube Short video size | BEST Aspect Ratio for YouTube SHORTS

Youtube Short video size | BEST Aspect Ratio for YouTube SHORTS

Nov 29, 2022

YouTube short videos are the perfect way to quickly share a message or connect with your audience. And at just a few seconds long, they’re easy to create and post.

So you want to start making YouTube shorts but are unsure what YouTube Short video size is required. Here are the basic steps you must follow while making…

YouTube Short video

Video Length

So if you’re new, consider subscribing. In any case, you might have seen of late how a great deal of these YouTube shorts have been appearing and that is because YouTube is utilizing this component to rival TikTok. And if you aren’t familiar with these shorts, all you need for a video to get picked up as a YouTube short is the vertical video format under 60 seconds with hashtag shorts in the title. And this is a great way to get some views to your channel and to bring in more subscribers because right now YouTube is pushing these short videos since it’s such a new feature.

Video Size (Aspect Ratio)

So let’s look at how to set up that vertical aspect ratio for your YouTube short. The standard 16 by nine is what most normal videos are and you can see in full HD that the default is 1920 by 1080. So all you need to do is reverse that to 1080 by 1920 to set up your vertical video to be nine by 16 full HD instead. So when you’re in your editing Software.

Recommended Video Resolution

pick a custom configuration, and afterward trade the video goal numbers. Furthermore, I’m doing this in Finished product Expert yet your video-altering programming ought to have something almost identical. Also, if you believe you should do a 4K vertical video, you follow a similar interaction with the custom video aspects. But instead of using 1080 x 1920, you need to input 21 60 x 38 40 to have a vertical video for your YouTube short. 

What’s more, whether or not you are utilizing the HD or the 4K variant,

Basic Instructions while editing YouTube Short Video

you want to remember that you would rather not have anything truly significant like text in the bottom third of your screen because the like and subscribe buttons overlay video when your video is seen on the YouTube shorts shelf. 

How I’ve been doing my brief recordings is placing my direct logo in the base third so individuals will begin to perceive my channel in the wake of seeing my brief recordings. 

So all you need to do is set up those custom video dimensions in your editing software, size your video how you want within that vertical format, 

Note that your video must be under 60 sec and then uploaded to YouTube. And when you do, be sure to add the hashtag to YouTube short Video with the title and the description to help YouTube’s algorithm figure it out more quickly.

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