Top 5 Causes of Hair Fall in Dubai’s Climate

Top 5 Causes of Hair Fall in Dubai’s Climate

Jun 10, 2024

Are you a resident of Dubai?  Has that sweltering Dubai climate led you to hair fall problems?

This situation forces you to ponder and disclose the causes, factors, or reasons that led to this annoying situation. Whatever you want to learn about hair fall in Dubai’s climate, this article covers all the necessities along with some expert guidelines as well.

Dubai is considered the most luxurious region in which to live, with premium living standards. However, natural events cannot only lead to brutal summers but also expose hair growth and result in hair loss.

To overcome this harsh situation, first monitor the top 5 causes of hair loss in Dubai’s climate. Then, take all the possible remedies to stay safe and protected from hair loss.

Famous factors of hair fall usually thought that water is responsible, but you will get surprises when it comes to knowing other causes that aren’t famous enough.

Read this article thoroughly, trace out the reasons for hair loss in Dubai, and follow expert guidance to prevent this headache. Remember to introduce healthy food items into your daily diet and be careful while using any hair product.

Hair Fall: A Global Issue with a Global Impact

Men and women are struggling globally with hair fall issues. It is estimated that 40% of men at the Age of 35 should face hair loss issues, and when they are 65, this percentage extends as well. Unfortunately, more women are dealing with hair health issues. 

Before comprehending the reasons for hair loss in Dubai only, numerous naturally occurring factors affect human hair, whether in any part of the world—E.g., Age, stress, infection, genetics, Or the use of toxic hair products.

Following are the impacts of hair loss that highly hits lifestyle:

·       Hair falls not only make people depressed but also cause depression, uncomfortably increasing the chance of more hair fall.

·       Stress and depression also bring other diseases, i.e., energy loss, sleep deprivation, and overall physical appearance.

·       Social phobia is also caused by hair loss, and a person is totally mentally and physically disturbed.

This situation forces you to ponder and disclose the causes, factors, or reasons that led to this annoying situation. Whatever you want to learn about hair fall in Dubai's climate,
This situation forces you to ponder and disclose the causes, factors, or reasons that led to this annoying situation. Whatever you want to learn about hair fall in Dubai’s climate,

Top 5 Causes of Hair Fall in Dubai’s Climate

As we all know, Dubai is located on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, and the summer is extremely hot and humid. Therefore, hair loss in Dubai is due to its climate texture. Below are the top 5 causes that you should count and try to prevent.

1.     Environmental changes

Not enough rainfall and an average temperature of 43 °C in summer cause dryness everywhere. These environmental changes also dry the scalp, which further results in hair loss problems. The combination of high temperature and low humidity can cause hair breakage.

2.     Hard Water

Dubai is a perfect place to live, but there is no doubt that some parts of Dubai have a high quantity of minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium. All these minerals make water hard, which leads to fizziness, dryness, and hair loss. 

3.     Stressful Routine

Many individuals select Dubai as a working destination because of the availability of jobs for the seekers. But the busiest job also brings a stressful routine with it. Stress is the dominant factor that causes severe hair loss problems. 

4.     Imperfect Diet

Milk, leafy vegetables, coconuts, avocados, etc., are essential for proper hair growth. An imperfect diet due to a busy routine affects not only physical health but also scalp dryness and hair health.

5.     Hormonal variations 

The causes mentioned above of hair loss, i.e., stress, environment, imperfect diet, etc., create hormonal variations in people, people, and these harsh factors result in hair loss, breakage, or thinning.

Hair Plasma Treatment
Hair Plasma Treatment

How to Stop Hair Fall in Dubai: The Expert Guidelines

When you trace down the reasons for hair falls in Dubai, then step forward and do your best to overcome this unlikeable issue. For this, expert advice is mentioned below that helps you deal with hair loss and also aids you in staying protected in the near future. 

·       Cover your head during the harsh summer season. This prevents dryness of the scalp.

·       Make your scalp or hair sweat-free through proper drying because it prevents bacterial growth.

·       Avoid using toxic hair products or strong hair practices.

·       Apply homemade masks on hair, like aloe vera, onion masks, etc.

·       Stick to healthy and advantageous food rich in vitamins, omega-3, etc.

·       Manage your stress level and live a comfortable life by making yourself confident and self-dependent.


One of the most common problems among human beings is hair loss globally. Likewise, Dubai locals face a lot of hair fall issues due to hot summer weather, mainly throughout the year. Many surrounding factors paved the way for hair fall, but some are also common in every part of the world.

 Age, stress, imperfect diet, environmental changes, strong hair practices, harsh water, and hormonal changes all deeply affect the scalp and hair growth.

Make your lifestyle stress-free, eat healthy food, and apply organic masks to your hair. Follow the other advice mentioned above, which will the other above-mentioned advice, which will not only cure hair issues but also reduce the chances of hair loss in the future.


1)    How is hair fall a global issue?

40% of men at the Age of 35 face hair loss problems, And the percentage increases at the Age of 65. Women are more affected than older men. Some natural factors, such as aging, also result in this.

2)    What are the causes of hair fall in Dubai’s climate?

Hair loss in Dubai is due to its harsh summer weather. Hard water, stressful routines, imperfect diet, hormonal changes, etc., all make hair thin, causing breakage and loss.

3)    How to cure hair falling problems?

Follow the expert guidelines, i.e., Make your scalp sweat-free, cover your head in summer, intake minerals adequate for hair health, apply homemade hair masks, and, importantly, manage your stress level.

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