Remove Pimples, Acne, and Darksports from Face by Lemon and Honey Remedy

Remove Pimples, Acne, and Darksports from Face by Lemon and Honey Remedy

Dec 14, 2022

Here you will get out the all-natural remedy to remove pimples breakouts, blemishes, acne scarring, or just irritated skin issues that we want to fix quickly. So let’s get started. 

Lemon and Honey Remedy:

 This Remedy will help you to vanish your pimples, acne, or black-spotted problems.

1. Lemon

The first all-natural ingredient for this home remedy that you’ll be needing is a Lemon. Lemons are filled with AHAs and have, which naturally remove dead skin cells. They also help with clearing any acne, pimples, blemishes, blackheads discolouration, which is amazing for any type of skin issue, and it’s a natural antibacterial. 

Lemon juice is also a great alternative to a toner since it has astringent qualities because of the high acid and high PH levels, which can help decrease the inflammation, redness, and irritation you get from any breaker. 

Remove Pimples, Acne, and Darksports from Face by Lemon and Honey Remedy
Remove Pimples, Acne, and Darksports from Face by Lemon and Honey Remedy

2. honey

The second all-natural ingredient you’ll need is some Honey. The best type is raw honey. Make sure it is labeled natural, raw, and unprocessed manuka. 

Honey is amazing if you can get your hands on it, but mine is just raw natural honey, which works amazingly. And honey has components that can help soothe redness and irritation from the skin. 

Darksports from Face by Lemon and Honey Remedy

Ingredients in Honey:

It has peptides, antioxidants, vitamin B, fatty acids, and amino acids, and it’s also a great natural antibacterial because of its high glucose acid, which is very similar to benzoyl peroxide.


So the first thing you’ll be needing to do to make this all-natural acne blemish scars treatment is to cut up the lemon. I like to just cut it in fours and you will then see I go ahead and cut it once more because you’re only going to need about a wedge of the lemon juice depending on how bad your area is. And this surprisingly makes a good amount. But if you need more, you can always just repeat these steps. 

So once you have a wedge like this, you’re just going to want to go ahead and squeeze it into a very small bowl because this is what we’re going to be using to make our treatment. And make sure you get the full lemon juice out. 

Future Results

Now, once you have lemon juice, which is going to be so amazing for brightening your skin, healing your skin, clearing up acne blemishes, and working as an antiseptic. 

it is time to add the perfect counterpart, which is honey. I recommend using a little less honey. But when you do equal parts, it is the perfect mixture for anyone dealing with breakouts blemishes acne, or you just want to brighten up your scars. 

I’ll also leave some of my favorites, let’s say, serums and things like that that you can buy from the store down below too. So then you want to go ahead and mix this well. If you want the lemon juice and the honey to combine we can use this as a wonderful spot treatment. 

Q Tip for those wearing masks Regularly…

Now, I like to use this right away just to make sure it remains as strong as possible. And I like to apply this with Qtips because I have very specific problem areas right now I notice when I wear these masks, certain ones make me break out so badly. Even though it’s always worth wearing the mask, you just gotta treat your skin after. 

I’m just going to apply it with a Q tip. You can apply it with a face mask brush and just apply it to any area that is irritated or breaking out. I like to apply four to five layers, as you guys can see because I feel like my skin absorbs it so well and I notice such a difference when I do this. I also like to apply it on any pimples or little spot breakouts. you have to leave it on your skin as long as possible and you will notice the best results. 

I cannot wait to see how the lemon and honey remedy works for you, let me discuss this in the comment section.

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