Glowing skin, but out of money because you spend it all on beautiful things that you regret buying. Get glowing skin for free with these tips. 

Isn’t it annoying when you have a special occasion coming up and your dull skin is like Let me love you? It’s almost as if it can sense it. 

5  Daily Hacks


Take some rice water, pour it into an ice tray and freeze. That’s it. Now just rub it all over your face and you’ve got glowing skin. Dried water helps to get that bright, glowy skin and you won’t have to worry about emptying your pockets. 


If you’re a couch potato, then you can make this super easy mask that will keep your skin moisturized and smooth. And it’s not nearly as difficult as talking to your crush. Just take one teaspoon of milk and one teaspoon of honey, mix it well and apply it evenly on your face. Now relax for 15 minutes and wash it off. Picture Perfect Skin in Minutes 

Clean towel

this super basic hack can transform your skin, especially for all of you who take showers so hard that you’re melting your skin off. Take a towel and dip it in ice-cold water. Leave it on your face until the towel starts to warm up. A cold towel compress can help reduce puffiness and inflammation and give you a glow. 


If you want to rejuvenate your skin, then this scrub can help you. Take some bananas, mash them to form a paste, then apply this paste onto your face and neck and scrub it in for 5 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. 

This mask will give you an A plus flow to your skin. And as far as getting A-plus grades, you’re on your own. This super simple massage can do wonders to rejuvenate your skin, plus it helps reduce stress. We all blame our college for that.

Use moisturizer

 Grab your favorite moisturizer and apply a generous amount. Then, with mild pressure, massage your cheekbones under your eyes, and the sides of your eyes, and then massage your brow bone. Massage half an inch 

on either side from the center of your forehead further down to the temple, and finish by smoothing your fingers down. Each area should be massaged five times. 

A face massage also stimulates collagen production, helps reduce fine lines, and wrinkles, and leaves you with beautiful baby-soft skin. If you loved this video, check out some of our other great DIY videos here. And don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell icon so you never miss another video. Until next time, stay tuned and stay glamorous.